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Southern Grandeur at its Finest
Antebellum Plantation Home with Acreage!

Historic Washington, Georgia

Exemplifying the genteel South of days past and dancing in the dreams of those who long to know how life was then.... Brookhill in all of its Southern Grandeur, fluted columns rising tall, stands atop its knoll majestically watching over the lands as it has as generation after generation has come and gone from this place....

Yes, the ol' South of slow days, ladies in hoop skirts gossiping on the porches and gentlemen smoking their cigars in the library while livestock graze in the lower fields and the winds whisper through the tall pines... lingers HERE still amid the magic of its tranquil and beautiful grounds of towering sweet smelling magnolias. camillas, pecan trees and grand shady oaks.....

Boasting over 5,000 square feet the elegant simplicity of the home is omni present. Its floor plan flows with a rhythm all its own through center halls and cross halls up and down steps and stair cases onto porches and balconies that embrace and intertwine the inside with the out of doors. Massive Doric fluted columns adorn the front of the home which was once known as "Chantilly" so named for famous mineral springs nearby down Spring Street.

Complete with wrought iron fenced cemetery, several large barns and a carriage house garage, Brookhill is a one-of-a-kind EXCEPTIONAL property! It has been lovingly renovated and maintained throughout the years! We honor with thankful hearts those owners before that sought to preserve the integrity of such a wonderful place!

It is truly one of GEORGIA's BEST Historic TREASURES! Congratulations to its very proud NEW OWNERS, Marsha & Sam, who we know will be gracious and wonderful stewards of such a magnificent place they plan to call "home".

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